New illustrations on Dribbble

Having really lots of digital work to do, i feel i myself become pixelated. Here come some changes to my blog, and i don't think i should continue to publish fine art related stuff only, but as design and digital illustration plays really big role in my life, so here comes the new stuff.

As to changes, i switched to Mac finally, even though i've been a PC fan some time ago, i finally found myself more comfortable with Apple hardware - and i bet i'm not the only one. Surprisingly enough, Mac has some really great illustration and design apps that i really loved, so i spend time enjoying them.

Okay, here are two images for now. I've posted them on Dribbble, and now they came to my blog.


My digital painting will be exhibited on Mobile Digital Art&Creativity summit!

Digital Painting December by Gregory Avoyan
digital painting
My digital work "December" is going to be exhibited on annual Mobile Digital Art&Creativity summit in Palo Alto, California. It is an honor to be chosen for this biggest mobile art event. There were 665 submissions in total, and  about 70 works were chosen for the exhibition, my included. You can check out the winning works on the summit website - there are a lot of really interesting works done completely on mobile devices! 

You can also buy some prints of this work!


Rainy roses

Roses painting by Gregory Avoyan

Made the study of roses this Saturday. The rain fell all day so I decided not to travel around but to paint in the backyard instead. I used the huge umbrella which covered me and my painting stuff from the falling water, and when I have been thinking if I should finish this already or paint more suddenly strong wind threw my field easel to the ground. Such a grand finale! So I finished and went picking up scattered paint tubes and brushes. 

This is a good example that not all colors may be achieved through paint mixing and you should have more different paints, especially for saturated stuff like flowers. Cause the color of roses on the picture is not exactly what it was in reality. 


The digital prayer

«Prayer» digital painting by Gregory Avoyan

I’ve been recently notified that my digital work «December» is going to be exhibited on Mobile Digital Art&Creativity Summit in Palo Alto this August. I’ll tell more about this later, but the fact itself made me think that digital art is really not a toy, but a real new and fest-emerging art technique, which got new strength after our mobile devices became more powerful. Now this new technique may be taken with you anywhere - the actual problem of old-school digital art was that you are tied to your computer. Now we can stay mobile and work anywhere on the devices just fast enough. And as i know, now even sculpture may be created on the mobile devices in 3D-modelling apps, and then 3D-printed out. Wow!

«The Praying Girl» charcoal drawing by Gregory Avoyan

So feeling inspired about the new possibilities of digital media, i wanted to remake something old of my own, to bring new life to something forgotten. So i found this old sketch of praying girl and made a new version, which i now prefer to call simply «Prayer». 

Really i am thinking about re-making some of my old stuff in digital form, or also i remember some old image ideas that can be done easily now on digital device - for both practice and inspiration, which may be the result of this work. 


Some plein airs

pleinair painting by Gregory Avoyan
pleinair painting by Gregory Avoyan
pleinair painting by Gregory Avoyan

Lately i have been making live nature studies quite often and this makes me feel better cause i see my progress with every new study. It really helps to understand your subject and make your painting more alive. It also a really relaxing and healthy activity, that makes you traveling and really advancing your painting skills.


Moscow street view

Moscow street view by Gregory Avoyan
Moscow street view
digital painting, 2014
Now it's a street view! Its Moscow street during midday, with its cars and sun, and high buildings made of orange bricks. I have been visiting this street twice for making this study, and also used a photo of it for painting people. Its done with digital brushes and a canvas photo for texture.

Here are also two fragments.

A fragment of Moscow street view by Gregory Avoyan

A fragment of Moscow street view by Gregory Avoyan


Digital painting «Spring tree»

Spring tree digital painting by Gregory Avoyan
Spring tree
digital painting
A spring is always an inspiration, even ordinary things feel brighter and shiny. This tree is an ordinary city tree, right by the wall of 9-floor housing complex in the centre of Moscow. But anyway it took my attention somehow, and after 3 train trips with tablet i feel i've finished with it. 
Took me about 3 to 4 hours. 

You can see high-res version and play with zoom on my site. Also, some prints and postcards with this image are available in my RedBubble store


Sketching digitally

A reading woman sketch by Gregory Avoyan

It took me two years to really get the mobile hardware i am comfortable to draw with, and its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition - top Samsung tablet with sweet thin pressure-sensitive pen. And there is good software for drawing and painting digitally - Sketchbook Pro and Sketchbook Ink. This sketch i've done in Ink, its really nice old software, which is so good for spontaneous drawings in train, and they can be exported in any resolution, so you can easily print them on A4 paper and get something to decorate your walls with. If you haven't tried it yet - do this for sure. Though i have no idea if Autodesk, the creator of this app, is going to support this software. It looks forgotten for now...